Sensor, Series ST6

  • 6 mm T-slot
  • with cable
  • Plug, M8x1, 3-pin Plug, M8x1, 2-pin
  • UL certification
  • Reed electronic PNP electronic NPN
  • Direct mounting for series PRA, PRE, CCI, KPZ, SSI, GPC, CVI
  • Indirect mounting for series TRB, ITS, CCL-IS, MNI, CSL-RD, RPC, ICS-D2, ICM, KHZ, TRR
Sensor, Series ST6
Certificates  CE declaration of conformity, cULus, RoHS
Ambient temperature min./max.  -30 ... 80 °C
Protection class  IP65, IP67
Switching point precision  ±0,1 mT
Nominal current, actuated state  < 30 mA
Quiescent current (without load)  < 8 mA
Min./max. DC operating voltage  10 ... 30 V DC
Min./max. AC operating voltage  See table below
Hysteresis  ≥ 0,2 mT
Switching logic  NO (make contact)
LED status display  Yellow
Vibration resistance  10 - 55 Hz, 1 mm
Shock resistance  30 g / 11 ms
Cable length L  0,3 m
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Sensor, Series ST6

Technical data

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for Type of contact Cable length Min./max. AC operating voltage Voltage drop U at Imax DC switching current, max. AC switching current, max. Switching capacity Max. switching frequency Operating current, not switched Operating current, switched Version Part No.
1) The product of operating voltage and continuous current must not exceed the maximum switching capacity.

Technical information