E/P pressure regulator, Series EV07

  • Qn = 800 l/min
  • Compressed air connection output G 1/4
  • Electr. connection Plug, EN 175301-803, form A
  • Signal connection input and output, Plug, EN 175301-803, form A
  • Pilot valves
E/P pressure regulator, Series EV07
Version  Poppet valve
Mounting orientation  vertical
Certificates  CE declaration of conformity
Working pressure max  See table below
Ambient temperature min./max.  5 ... 50 °C
Medium temperature min./max.  5 ... 50 °C
Compressed air connection input  G 1/4
Compressed air connection output  G 1/4
Compressed air connection, exhaust  G 1/4
Medium  Compressed air
Max. particle size  50 µm
Oil content of compressed air  0 ... 0,1 mg/m³
Nominal flow Qn  800 l/min
Control  Analog
DC operating voltage  24 V
Voltage tolerance DC  -20% / +20%
Hysteresis  0.04 bar
Permissible ripple  5%
Max. power consumption  200 mA
Protection class  IP54
Weight  2 kg
  Nominal flow Qn with working pressure 7 bar , with secondary pressure 6 bar and Δp = 0.2 bar
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E/P pressure regulator, Series EV07

Technical data

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Working pressure max Pressure setting range
Nominal input value Actual output value Control Part No.
Min./max. Min./max.
Minimum working pressure = 0.5 bar + max. required secondary pressure, The zero point and range of the output characteristics curve can be adjusted. The recommended range for the pilot device is 0.1 to 6 bar.
1) Output 10V constant to supply a set point potentiometer.

Technical information


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