Distance measuring sensors, SM6 series

Distance measuring sensors, SM6 series - advantages at a glance

  • Zero point and measurement range settings via teach-in button
  • High accuracy and linearity
  • Excellent repeatability and reliability through proven Hall sensors
  • Choice of any mounting position and cable exit
  • Mounting from above in the 6 mm slot (“drop-in” mounting)

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Distance measuring sensors for demanding automation solutions

The distance measuring sensors of the SM6 series ensure the reliability of your processes and precision in your applications. A control element on the sensor allows for intuitive setting of the zero point and variable selection of the distance measurement range. The compact sensors are also easy to mount – either directly in the cylinder slot or to the profile using clamp mountings.

Application areas for SM6 distance measuring sensors

Measurement precision of ± 0.1 mm
The SM6 series of analog distance measuring sensors find use in a wide spectrum of distance and clearance measurement applications and boast a measurement precision of ± 0.1 mm.

Variable measurement range of 32 – 256 mm
With variable measurement ranges of 32 – 256 mm, it is possible to quickly and inexpensively implement all types of distance or clearance measurements, thickness tolerance measurements, counting applications, and positioning or position monitoring tasks

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