Distance measuring sensors, SM6-AL series

Distance measuring sensors, SM6-AL series - advantages at a glance

  • Zero point and measurement range settings via teach-in button
  • High accuracy and linearity
  • Excellent repeatability and reliability through proven Hall sensors
  • Choice of any mounting position and cable exit
  • IO-Link

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Distance measuring sensors for demanding automation solutions

The distance measuring sensors of the SM6 AL series ensure the reliability of your processes and precision in your applications. A control element on the sensor allows for intuitive setting of the zero point and variable selection of the distance measurement range.

Application areas for SM6-AL distance measuring sensors

Measurement precision of ± 0.1 mm
The SM6-AL series of analog distance measuring sensors find use in a wide spectrum of distance and clearance measurement applications and boast a measurement precision of ± 0.1 mm.

Variable measurement range of 107 – 1,007 mm
With variable measurement ranges of 107 – 1,007 mm, it is possible to quickly and inexpensively implement all types of distance or clearance measurements, thickness tolerance measurements, counting applications, and positioning or position monitoring tasks.

Distance measuring sensors SM6-AL – Machine Safety

Analog distance measuring sensors: safe and reliable

  • For the safety of processes, it is reassuring to know that piston position detection is highly accurate and repeatable: Feedback on the piston position allows many safety-related controls to review the cylinder position and, consequently, the switching position of the directional valve.
  • Here, analog distance measuring sensors not only provide diagnostics, but also measure the position of the pneumatic cylinder piston with great accuracy and ease.
  • Thanks to simple mounting in the slot from above, flexible settings within the maximum distance measurement range and an extremely high proximity switching rate, the SM6 sensor is ideal for demanding automation solutions.
  • The SM6-AL analog distance measuring sensor constantly records piston movement over the entire stroke.
  • It enables high-resolution distance measurement and exact positioning in measurement ranges from 107 to 1,007 millimeters. The distance measuring sensor is thus perfectly suited for the continuous recording of piston movements in pneumatic cylinders and is an ideal solution for cylinders with medium and long strokes.
  • The SM6-AL is suitable for all standard cylinders. Its universal design offers various assembly options. The robust, chemical- resistant aluminum housing, as well as a cable sleeve support, guarantee a long sensor service life and reduce maintenance costs.

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Declaration of Conformity series Serie SM6-AL

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Manufacturer´s Declaration series SM6-AL

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Sensor Technologies: SM6 & SM6-AL Series – Precise Sensor Solutions

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Sensor mountings (SN6, SN1, Sn2, ST6, SM6-AL)

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Mounting bracket for SM6-AL series sensors

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