Standard cylinders

Standard cylinders from AVENTICS

Standard cylinders - advantages at a glance

  • Standardized
  • Weight optimized
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature resistant
  • Durable

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Standard cylinders allow standardized machine layouts and guarantee high availability in combination with a wide range of mounting options. The range extends from Mini and round cylinders (Ø8-25 mm, ISO 6432) via short-stroke and compact cylinders (Ø16-100 mm, ISO 15524 and ISO 21287) up to Profile and tie rod cylinders (Ø32-320 mm, ISO 15552 and NFE 49-001).

Standardized classic

Innumerable design variants and sizes in the different cylinder series make it easy for the user to select the most suitable cylinder solutions for his specific application. The broad range of cylinders allows the cylinders to be specifically chosen, not only the basis of function and quality, but also under strict cost considerations.

All standard cylinders

Profile cylinders, PRA series (Ø32-125 mm, ISO 15552)

The PRA cylinder program is based on a compactly designed profile with integrated sensor nuts. Thanks to incomparable pneumatic cushioning, it is no problem for the PRA cylinders to transform load into speed and strain into control.

Tie rod cylinders, TRB series (Ø32-125 mm, ISO 15552)

TRB cylinders are among the most frequently employed cylinders in the process industry, automotive industry, and wood processing industry. The series meets every wish for product variety, durability and adaptability to existing processes.

Tie rod cylinders, ITS series (Ø160-320 mm, ISO 15552)

The cylinders in the ITS series are always specifically used when extremely large masses are involved that have to be moved efficiently and under control with the familiar ease of operation. Thanks to the versatility of the modular sealing system, the ITS can be optimally adapted to every application.

Profile cylinders, CCL-IS series (Ø25-125 mm, ISO 15552)

This cylinder in clean design is produced specifically for packaging applications in the food industry. It is characterized by practical sensor mountings and its hygienic design that combines simple cleaning with low maintenance.

Short-stroke and compact cylinders, CCL-IC series (Ø16-100 mm, ISO 21287)

Thanks to their compact, hygienic design, CCL-IC series cylinders can be used in a wide range of applications. Their smooth surface together with their materials, such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and NSF-H1 lubricants, make the cylinder ideal for demanding requirements.

Short-stroke and compact cylinders, CCI series (Ø16-100 mm, ISO 21287)

CCI stands for Innovative, compact construction and an easy-toclean design. The CCI is ideal for long strokes and increased requirements for optimized cycle times and moving masses. The sensors can be installed quickly and easily on all sides and over the entire stroke range.

Short-stroke and compact cylinders, SSI series (Ø12-100 mm, ISO 21287)

SSI – the short stroke cylinder in accordance with the latest ISO standard 15524. The cylinders are particularly compact and up to 30% lighter than comparable cylinders thanks to weightoptimized profiles and fewer components. In addition, they provide a high degree of flexibility in sensor assembly and extremely effective elastic cushioning.

Mini and round cylinders, MNI series (Ø10-25 mm, ISO 6432)

Our proven range of cylinders for general machine construction. This design is characterized by its robustness and long service life. A cylinder for users and developers who rely on the greatest efficiency.

Standard cylinders, CSL-RD series (Ø16-25 mm, ISO 6432)

Round cylinder series CSL-RD Stainless Line, optionally in ISO design, hygienic design and short design. The CSL-RD has a smooth profile and low surface roughness, and is fully suitable for food contact thanks to materials such as stainless steel, NSF-H1 grease and FDA compliant seals.

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